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The leasing procedure - the receipt of long-term leased items of movable and immovable property, is widespread in many countries around the world. The name of this procedure already presupposes a certain form of relations between the subjects of the transaction. After all, it is formed from the concept “to lease”. Legislation for this form of credit and financial settlements exists in Italy, Belgium, France, Scandinavian countries, and the USA. The principle of interaction between the recipient and the leasing company that provides the lease is as simple and clear as possible. The owner acquires equipment, vehicles and other objects, and then provides them for use to other market participants.
As a rule, financial leasing is a more profitable solution than conventional lending. Moreover, upon the expiration of the agreement, the lessee may not redeem equipment or other objects, but draw up a new contract. However, usually the redemption will still take place - at residual value, which is much cheaper than crediting or paying the full cost immediately.

Participants and parties to the transaction

It may seem that only two parties are involved in the leasing transaction. But in fact, there are many more participants. Among them: the insurance company that provides full protection against a variety of risks; the seller - for example, when buying a car in a lease in this capacity is the auto show; the lessor - he draws up the purchase of the equipment chosen by the client, equipment, other objects of ownership; the lessee - he concludes a finance lease and uses the property, paying the agreed amount to the owner monthly, quarterly or on a different schedule. What could be the subject of the transaction? The objects of leasing transactions are various types of property. In most cases, the contract is made for the purchase of expensive property, which the lessee himself is not able to purchase. For example, we can talk about the purchase of commercial real estate - to open an office, industrial, warehouse facility. Another popular option is leasing equipment. In this case, the acquired property may be of narrow profile, specifically for solving particular problems. Also, the subject of the transaction can be special equipment, transport. That is, expensive and inconvenient in crediting objects.
В качестве объектов по лизинговым сделкам выступают различные виды имущества. В большинстве случаев договор оформляется на приобретение дорогостоящего имущества, которое сам лизингополучатель приобрести не в состоянии. К примеру, речь может идти о покупке коммерческой недвижимости - для открытия офиса, производственного, складского объекта. Еще один популярный вариант - закупка оборудования в лизинг. В этом случае приобретаемая собственность может быть узкопрофильной, специально для решения конкретных задач. Также в качестве объекта может выступать спецтехника, транспорт.
То есть, дорогостоящие и неудобные в кредитовании объекты.

Benefits and features

In contrast to traditional lending, leasing can be called a breath of freedom for small businesses and individuals. The percentage of overpayment in this case is always minimal, and the terms of cooperation are much more loyal. In addition, a deferral or a review of the payment schedule may be actively applied. Verification of the client’s history before conclusion of the deal will be minimal. Among the obvious benefits of leasing can be noted the absence of additional financial burdens: insurance and taxes for the entire term of the contract are paid by the owner, that is, the lessor.