Mikro Leasing - Leasing in Uzbekistan


Rent in Tashkent for individuals is currently becoming a popular alternative to bank loans.


Equipment purchase leasing is a convenient tool for even distribution of companies' funds.


The company “Mikro Leasing” offers leasing services in Tashkent on attractive terms, the most important of which is the ability to do without collateral when you register a vehicle, special equipment, real estate or other property by buying it into acquisition. The conclusion of the transaction takes place promptly at all stages of cooperation - from the calculation and consideration of documents to the transfer of the leased asset to the lessee. This makes it possible to become the owner of the necessary assets in the shortest time, while maintaining own capital through the use of long installments.


Competent experts will advise you on issues of interest and assist in the transaction processing.





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Why leasing in Tashkent is more profitable to arrange in "MicroLeasing"
Our company was established about ten years ago by Italian financier Vincenzo Trani as a division of the huge global holding company "Mikro Kapital Group". The main activity is the implementation of microfinance activities in Eastern European and Asian countries, including Uzbekistan.

We cooperate with all categories of clients - from individuals to organizations, providing not only leasing services in Tashkent, but also carrying out financing of a developing business. Our philosophy is based on honesty and transparency, thanks to which we, in different years, occupied leading positions in the national ratings of many countries in terms of financial sustainability, volumes of work in the context of certain types of rent with subsequent redemption.

Today, the key areas of leasing transactions from our company are:

• leasing of passenger cars and other vehicles;
• special-purpose machinery and equipment;
• commercial real estate;
• start-up company.

Main advantages of using our services:

In addition to the leasing transaction processing, reliability and professionalism, we offer specific benefits, including:

• use of own funds only, without involving loans from banks; ипользование только собственных средств, без вовлечения кредитов от банков;
• short term of consideration of applications - from 1 day;
• right to change the payment schedule during the term of the contract, including on the basis of seasonality;
• confidential conditions and quality assurance of the services provided;
• opportunity to draw any sellers without restrictions;
• subsidies for start-up businesses.